It is the time of year to consider planting native Texas plants to make your landscape thrive! Too often we are buying and planting plants that can not survive their environment. Planting native Texas plants will ensure that your plants will thrive and continue to survive season after season.

Fall is the ideal time to plant your Texas natives. The cooler fall weather allows the root system to become secure and ensures survival for the harsher summer months to come.

Texas natives, including Coreopsis, Purple Cone Flowers, Pavonia, Rudbeckia, Salvia greggii, and Chilie Pequin, just to mention a few, are drought resistant and typically thrive in many different soil conditions. Additives and fertilizers are rarely necessary with these Texas staples. Take the challenge of finding a bed for these popular Texas natives, including rocks, garden pebbles, and richer soils.

Entertain yourself decorating and adding garden stones, decorative statues, bird houses and baths, benches, and swings, to your already decorative Texas native garden. Then sit back and enjoy watching the wildlife roll in. Many birds, bees, butterflies and some forms of wildlife will be attracted to your garden and visit there frequently.

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