With so many people trying Salvia for the first time it is likely that some, if not most, do not know how to ‘use’ the Salvia that they have. There are a variety of different ways to go about this, all producing differing results. Here I present a very brief introduction on using Salvia for those with no experience.

Traditional Mazatec methods are safe but slow, and you will need a lot more leaves than would otherwise be the case. The first way the Mazatecs take Salvia is to make a drink from fresh, ground leaves. The drink tastes pretty nasty. Also, as Salvia‘s effective hallucinogenic ingredient Salvinorin is not ingested particularly effectively through the stomach the process is extremely slow; when it does kick in though it lasts much longer than with other methods of ingestion.

A similar method is the chewing and swallowing of a large number of fresh leaves. Again this is a very slow method, and most of the effect actually comes from the time when the leaves are in the mouth, so chewing slower is usually more effective than gulping them down. The taste is apparently very bitter indeed and some people struggle to ingest the leaves without gagging.

More modern methods are the quid method and smoking. These methods are almost always those used by modern users of Salvia Divinorum.

The Quid method requires a ball of rolled up Salvia leaves. The ball should weigh between two and eight grams. If the quid is chewed for about 30 minutes then the chewer will start to feel the effects. The quid should be kept in the mouth along with all of the juices it releases. Try and chew once every 10 seconds or so, with the quid laying under the tongue between chews.

The final and most potent way to ingest Salvia is to smoke the leaves. Salvia needs to be smoked very hot, and the smoke inhaled very quickly. A pipe or bong is needed for you to get the most out of the Salvia experience. Salvia can be used with vapourisers but this is not for the faint of heart and you absolutely must have a sitter present.

Smoking Salvia releases a really pungent smell and you’ve got to be prepared for this; it’s too much for some people.