Salvia Divinorum is a psychedelic herb of mint family which also includes popular herbs like basil and oregano. Salvia leafs is the only legal drug available in the market which enhances visuals. Thereby, Salvia leafs are consumed by a large number of people because of its hallucinogenic effects.

The Salvia leafs and plant has been consumed in the history for a long period of time by Mazatec Indians. It was used in spiritual sessions to successfully induce visions. It was also used to for medical treatments for anemia, headache etc. It is believed that Salvia leafs was consumed to treat cardiovascular disorders as well.

Salvia leafs and plant is found in native places in Mexico. Being a rare plant it is found only in isolated plots of Sierra Mazateca Mountains. It grows in moist and shaded farms up to the height of 2.5 feet. It has hollow stems with purple or blue flowers along with big green leaves.

The Salvia leafs can be consumed via chewing or smoking. Once chewed or smoked, it produces various divine experiences like enhanced self confidence, unstoppable laughter, peace of mind, better mood, sense of calmness, feeling of insight and higher empathy. One may also feel weightless and may find answers of secret questions. The effects of Salvia leafs mostly lasts for 15 minutes.

Salvia leafs is neither addictive nor toxic in nature. Salvia leafs has a promising medical future as well. According to some doctors, it could also be consumed to cure many chronic diseases Alzheimer, cancer, depression and AIDS.