Based on a mixture of similar ideas and believed experiences from those who have used salvia, I’ve come to some conclusions.
Salvia isnt so much a drug as just a way of opening up latent abilities in all of us. Most of us get that scared feeling because we are slipping away from reality and the self “ego”. the total loss of ego and grounding to everything we ever knew of anything is too much for most. Most dont cross over the threshold, so to say. Just approaching or starting to slip away as some call it, is terrifying enough for most. But when you cross over…
Most use salvia very foolishly and disrespectfully. it is a very sacred plant of the sage family. It allows use humans to do things and go places we cannot fathom now in this reality. most overuse it and thus go into those seizure like trance possessed zombie states. and then they dont remember any of it really but are terrified enough to never do it again. which is why i dont feel its appropriate to call Salvia Divinorum a drug.

Its a plant that allows usage of our deep spiritual cosmic links to God. I believe with enough controlled sessions you canget clues to the bigger pieces to our universe and how what we call “god” plays into that. also ties into ancient civilizations (12,000+ years ago ie Atlantis, Lemuria, etc), aliens and so much more. everything is connected, but there is all one source. It goes much deeper and interweaves with the very existence of thought and the self and space and anything. Much further than any human religion, it is the source, the creator, the “god”. All around us and in all of us, anything ever existing or conceiving to exist.

Also goes into levels of existence and death is just a physical death. the soul never dies, reincarnation and how that ties into our ideas of the creator or source(god), and so much more.

Get educated, open your mind, and dont just be good to others, be good to yourself. lose yourself in the progression of others and humanity as a collective. We’re all in this together. We’re here for soul growth. We all have a purpose. Every single one of use. Some of us are lost yes. They need more help. We need to grow to become better souls and ascend to a higher level of being and consciousness together. beyond this physical world. through reincarnation. back to God. the source, the one.