Lots of people tend to push Salvia into the same categories as marijuana and LSD. It is sometimes said to be a combination of the two substances. Those who actually try Salvia (and this is quite a small proportion of those that talk about the hallucinogenic) quickly realise that this is not a recreational drug. A Salvia trip is not ‘fun’ or ‘enjoyable’ in the same way that people really enjoy marijuana or an acid trip, but it is definitely an interesting and completely unique experience.

Salvia is a visionary herb, it is not legal pot, nor is it legal acid. Salvia produces an intense state of awareness that Mazatec Shamans have found very useful for meditation, contemplation and introspection. The ‘trips’ that Salvia users experience are journey’s into the mind’s eye; they are adventures into the soul and they are voyages of self discovery.

If you’re after a quick trip, a high that you can laugh about with your friends, then perhaps Salvia is not the drug for you. If you are a mature, philosophical and open-minded individual then Salvia might just help you to understand yourself better, or to think about the world in a completely different way. Sometimes Salvia helps people to think about an existing problem in a different light and as such it is favoured by some artists and musicians as a tool by which to bring some inspiration into their lives and, consequently, into their work.

Salvia is more than a recreational drug. To classify it as such. to regard it as such or to use it as such is a huge mistake. It is a mistake that the government and lawmakers in the US have themselves made; the inevitable banning of Salvia is just indicative a mass misunderstanding of this versatile and profound naturally hallucinogenic plant.