Some scientific tests are more interesting from a common interest point of view than they are from a scientific point of view. So it is with the latest research on the effects of Salvia on the human mind.

Hundreds of respondents were asked to describe how Salvia made them feel. The reference points were before and after the Salvia trip. You guessed, it: there were some pretty crazy answers to the scientists’ questions.

The answers that respondents gave ranged from the obvious “Salvia makes me feel a little strange” to the frankly disturbing: “Salvia increases my connection with the Universe”. Hang on… what? More amazing than the comment itself is the number of respondents that gave this as an answer: think high forty percent.

That the investigation into the effects of Salvia gave such varying results doesn’t surprise me at all. As a user myself I can almost guarantee that the trip I get on any one day is going to be completely different to that which I feel in the same circumstances on another day — even when everything else appears the same.

The thing is, when you think about it as a subjective thing, the experiment would yield completely different answers from the same respondents on a different day. Science? No. Nice report? Sure.