As a Wiccan High Priest, I have devoted years of study to the inter-realms of my conscious mind, but there always seemed to be something that blocked my path.  Countless ritual workings to remove these roadblocks seemed to have little effect, until I added Salvia to my practices.

Salvia is not a drug; it is a powerful spiritual development tool:

The ancient masters knew a little something about traveling in the inter-realms and it took years of studying several of these great teachers to gain the stepping stones necessary to journey freely there.  Over the years I tried several different techniques, from various forms of meditation to fasting and intense yoga workings.

I even tried some of the Black Arts to help me bust through the blockings of my ego.  One thing I always refused to do was to take drugs as a means to spiritual development.  This unfortunately kept me from also adding to my workings some the most powerful spiritual herbs known to man.  I was afraid that I would pollute my body and thereby I would be violating the cardinal laws of the spirit world.

It was not until I started to study the coming new age of 2012 and the Aztec beliefs that I learned how helpful some spiritual herbs like Salvia can be.  The Aztecs would use it to teach their shamans how to travel in the inter-realms, so I thought I could at least try it once.

My Salvia working:

My first attempt was not very noteworthy, but during my brief journey I was quickly able to learn how to travel in the inter-realms.  Though my path to true enlightenment was still blocked, I was able to divine a method of finally breaking through the roadblocks.

My second attempt was life changing to say the least.  I was able to freely sidestep my ego and open a door to anywhere my mind wanted to travel.  Time and space were not a factor, nor was earth’s physical laws.  The Goddess of my universe told me secrets that I promised to protect from the profane, and I owe it all to Salvia and the great Aztec masters.

With Salvia you too can get the answers you seek:

If you are wondering how you can get the answers to the universal and ancient questions, so you can be prepared for the coming changes, then it is time to visit the Goddess of your inter-realm.  As I can attest to, getting there can be difficult and might require some help.

Do not wait for the coming new age of man to force you to change, order Salvia today and let this mystical herb help you find the answers you seek.  Only Salvia Dragon can send you the best Salvia the world has to offer.