I’ve had a couple of interesting emails lately telling me that the user didn’t find a Salvia trip particularly relaxing, and that other users were having a really hard time relaxing while they were under the effects of Salvia. Well, this doesn’t really surprise me, to be honest, since Salvia isn’t really ever going to give a relaxing trip.

A Salvia trip is introspective, confusing, disorientating, mind boggling, and it sends you on a little bit of a mind workout. While all this is happening it is difficult to see how a trip is going to be relaxing.

I don’t use Salvia to relax myself, but instead to help me see into another – more interesting – world. This other world is unlike anything I am able to recreate while I am not under the influence of Salvia. In fact it is so different that I am unable to even think like I do when I’m under the influence. This is what Salvia is great for: giving you a new perspective on an old idea.

There are other drugs that calm you down generally, and if they are talking before Salvia it may have a calming effect. This seems to defeat the object of the Salvia experience, though. Having said that, if it helps you to enjoy Salvia more then I say go for it!

If you’re looking for a relaxing drug then perhaps Salvia isn’t what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something that will open the doors of your mind, then it certainly is the right thing to be looking for: a session of mental gymnastics like you’ve never before experienced. Salvia is an interesting drug, that’s for sure. And tripping out on Salvia makes for some very interesting times and some very interesting experiences. Treat it with respect and it will show you a good time.