What was that? You have not heard of this? Well that is because it is from Mexico and the region is Oaxaca. It is the newest scurge to hit Youtube and our teenagers and guess again, it is not illegal.

Salvia Divinorum or Salvia is a plant that is not addictive and is not expensive. Teens are using it by smoking it or ingesting it and it gives them an approximate high for 15 minutes. Therefore it does not lead to E.R. visits because by the time they would go to the hospital the high is over.

Make no mistake this is an hallucinagenic drug and has been compared to Acid and Thc of the Seventies. It has caused violent and strange reactions in many a teenager, hence the youtube connection.

Many Cities and States are trying to make Salvia illegal and put in the Laws as a class one or “A” type substance. It is legal in the majority of States and is banned for humans to consume in 14. Recently Ocean City in Maryland has had a go around with it because Salvia was reportedly for sale in 18 different stores on the boardwalk.

Among other things this drug is unknown. No tests have been run and no drug trials have been started. The fact is that it alters your mindset so far that you may hallucinate. That is enough to start finding out about the popular Salvia.

In any event the Mexicans use to use the drug for medicinal purposes. They used the herb for spiritual reasons also. Ocean City in Maryland has the right idea. Let’s hope the rest of the Country takes action on this before it becomes an epidemic.