White sage, Diviners Sage, or Salvia as it is commonly known, is at the top of a recent controversy hitting the waves of video posting sites, namely YouTube. The plant, while you are able to smoke the leaves of it much like many other forms of tobacco like products, does not cause nearly the reaction the concentrated extract does. Buy Salvia in its more potent state, and you will be more able to judge the extent these formats have on those who smoke them.

These videos though have been showing the heightened state and reactions while being under the influence of this drug, as some are calling it. Though not a controlled substance as it is still readily available and legal, it is nonetheless potent. Some are upset due to its alleged contribution to the suicide of a teenager recently. While it may be a contributing factor in one isolated case, this herb has been around for a very long time used in religious practices of many native tribes. As would be expected, if you were interested in buying salvia divinorum, be careful, it is a powerful psychoactive, and some don’t handle it as well as others. And, always use common sense in anything you do.