Salvia Divinorum, also known as Diviners Sage, is an extraordinary herb which has been used in shamanism, healing, meditation and divination. The herb is also known to induce spiritual insight and lead a person to explore their consciousness.

Some of the phenomena that it is known to bring on are astral projections and mind altering changes in a person’s perception. The purpose of Salvia is basically to purify and clear the mind. The religious teachers and shamans of ancient Mexican tribes believed that once the mind opens, Salvia has the power to enable positive mind altering changes in a person’s perception. Not only does the herb cause a high or a trip, but it can also open the third eye to new knowledge.

The Effects of Salvia:

The effects of smoking extracted or concentrated Salvia leaves can be quite overwhelming. Because of its potent effects, a person should first carefully prepare for and have a general idea of what they are about to experience. Its effects can range anywhere from mild to intense depending on the amount being used.

One of the reasons why it is so easy to get Salvia online is because the effects, though intense, are short lived and reach their peak within minutes. The effects of Salvia can taper off quite quickly when being smoked while when taken orally, the effects may last up to a few hours. One of the advantages of smoking Salvia is that a person can take multiple shots in a short while without causing any danger to their normal body function.

Some of the effects of Salvia Divinorum may include:

  • Loss of Co-ordination
  • Finding hidden answers
  • A contemplative sense of peace
  • Experiencing multiple realities
  • Feelings of being immersed in a field of energy
  • Lucid out of body experiences

The active compound in Salvia Divinorum extracts that are easily available at our online store is called Salvinorin A. This substance is also known as the strongest hallucinogenic known to man, whose effects are unlike other substances or herbs that produce similar trance like states.

Methods of Use:

There are several methods of ingesting Salvia that have varying hallucinogenic effects on people.

  • Dried leaves of Salvia can be smoked in a bong, pipe or as a joint. The effects of Salvia when inhaled last for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • The fresh leaves of Salvia can either be chewed and swallowed or chewed as a quid. The effects of chewing Salvia last far longer than when it is being smoked.
  • The extracts that can be bought of Salvia online can be mixed with water or inhaled. Since the Salvinorin A is deactivated before entering the blood stream, this method produces a more moderate effect.

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