The substance salvia divinorum is on the list of substances being investigated and banned in many states. Some have already enacted laws banning or limiting the importation of salvia, which some people use as a recreational drug. Salvia is most often chewed or smoked by users, and causes short term hallucinations that vary according to the strength of the salvia and the sensitivity of the user. Although critics of the drug compare it to dangerous narcotics like LSD, salvia chemical make up unlike LSD and is apparently non-addictive. It is derived from a wild growing plant found in central and south america. There is fear that children exposed to salvia without supervision might be badly affected by the hallucinations and cause harm to themselves or others. There is also concern that accessories sold alongside salvia are also being used to support the consumption of other, more harmful, drugs. Currently salvia is resricted in some areas of the US but freely available in others and through the internet. There has been a great deal of interest in the possible medicinal properties of salvia, since even in a natural form it’s rarely habit forming and tends to induce a relaxed and meditative state.