Whilst it might seem just those people who enjoying using Salvia Divinorum will be the only ones that object to its criminalization across the US, there are also many researchers and doctors that are opposed to any restriction on its use. These supporters do not themselves use Salvia Divinorum to ‘get high’ or in order to send themselves on a spiritual journey; these people are following a much higher aim.

Researchers know very little indeed about Salvia and about its effects. What they do know is that it is firstly safe, and secondly that it affects the brain in a way not seen before in naturally occurring or synthetic drugs. The temporary changes it imposes on the mind and body might actually be useful in the treatment of various ailments, including such diverse afflictions as cancer, HIV, and various addictions.

Mendelson, a pharmacologist with federal funding who is very interested in the effects of Salvia, says: “Salvia is a totally unique compound, unlike … other hallucinogens. We’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Unfortunately, through a combination of over-zealous media reporting, of point scoring by politicians and law makers, and through some shocking and self-perpetuating misinformation about Salvia Divinorum, many people want to see it banned for good. This has happened already in 13 states, and the near future promises more in the way of control or bans for Sally D.

These bans will make the researchers’ jobs much harder at best, and impossible at worst. The rationale behind the bans does not stand up to any kind of logic at all: this drug is, as far as we know, only possibly good for us. To ban it for the sake of some people just not listening to cold, hard facts is just idiotic.

But hey, what do some of the country’s top scientists know, after all?