Why Sensible Limits and Self-Control Matter!

I’ve heard a lot about Salvia Divinorum and its uses. Though the medical benefits of Salvia have not been properly documented, it sure has its spiritual benefits. I have noticed that Salvia has been getting a slap on the face by some people recently because of it being used irresponsibly by uninformed youngsters. There is a need for people to know the truth, and this article is going to try and enlighten them.

While I was surfing the internet for Salvia, I came across some very good websites, like www.salviadragon.com. I also came across the question: should Salvia be legal? So I (being my curious self) took a quick glance at all the nay-sayers who thought the use of Salvia should be illegal. Most of the people sounded like they didn’t know anything about Salvia other than it had pretty flowers (and that it was grown by Satan himself, therefore is evil to use and all that jazz).

What really frosts me is that, one of the reasons why some people think Salvia Divinorum should be on the illegal drugs list is because they think the two are the same, which could not be further from the truth. Salvia is nothing like other drugs and is totally safe for recreational, personal or medical use.

Besides, recent surveys have shown that the use of Salvia Divinorum is much lower than that of Cannabis, which is in fact banned for consumption and rightly so. So, creating a legal impediment on these restricted substances has not actually diminished their usage.

Additionally, unlike other substances such as alcohol, nicotine and Cannabis, Salvia Divinorum is an important entheogen that has no adverse side effects. It’s not addictive and has never been known to take a life when inhaled or otherwise. So, people who want to hammer up a solution to a non-problem should ban petroleum products instead, since their fumes pose a much greater danger to our youth.

Bottom Line:

Personally, I don’t care about what someone puts in their arm or up their nose, but instead of making everything illegal we should own up to some responsibility. I bet all those conservatives didn’t think twice before sending their kids to the store for a pack of smokes. That being said, we should all be responsible for our actions and those who do use Salvia Divinorum or any other entheogen should do so responsibly and make sure that they don’t abuse it.

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