After the concerned and strong efforts to ban the sale, use and stocking of salvia divinorum, there has been a step further taken by the government and the drug experts have recommended the legislation so that the hallucinogenic drug could be banned in time for Christmas. If this happens then it will be the first step towards legally banning the criminalized drug. The issue has been asked to review by the council and the present home secretary is in favor of banning the criminalized drug too. These legal high drugs are sold on Internet and on the high street almost openly and the selling has also increased a lot in recent past, which is a matter of great concern.

However the drug has been in contradiction from a long time, the parents of young children and the school authorities are more worried about the rise in sale of this hallucinogenic drug. Furthermore tougher rules are being recommended and are expected from the government in this aspect. The herb was first imported in 2006 but the characteristic was known only recently and soon after that the herb was banned in Germany, Austria and France. Salvia divinorum is sold as ‘herbal legal highs’ that are said to be harmless but doctors are of the opinion that they cause paranoia and panic attacks. The council is now prepared to look into the matter of salvia divinorum, which is a smokeless drug but equally harmful.