After adding Salvia Divinorum to my quest for enlightenment, I have been able to finally understand how the Law of Attraction works.  Though this not so secret law has gained more coverage in recent years, many people still do not fully understand it or how to make this law of the universe work for them.

How the Law of Attraction works:

For centuries the Law of Attraction has been considered a secret, and only a few knew the key that opened up this universal power in their lives.  The thing that most people always seem to forget is that the best secrets are hidden in plain sight.

Just about every school of metaphysical traditions has some form of universal law that practitioners can follow to utilize the powers of the universe.  Even though each school may have different terms, the end results usually end up being very similar.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction works by sending positive desires through the barriers between our conscious physical selves and our universal spiritual selves.  Once in the realm of the universal spiritual world, the energies of the vast universe consciousness manifest our desires, thereby making them real on the material plane for our conscious material selves.

Salvia Divinorum can help you transfer your desires more effectively:

What blocks the manifestation of our desires generally has to do with our inability to transfer our desires into the universal consciousness in the first place.  This is where Salvia Divinorum can help.

What Salvia Divinorum does is help the practitioner learn how to punch through the conscious barriers in our minds and get our positive desires into the universal consciousness.  It does this by creating a conduit from our physical selves to our spiritual selves which is connected to the energies of the vast spiritual universe, sometimes called the astral realm.

Many of the world’s metaphysical traditions are built around teaching the practitioner how to establish the conduit in the first place, but many of these teaching can take years to master.  Whereas, those that have used Salvia Divinorum have discovered that they were able to construct these conduits much faster and with great ease.

The Aztec knew this, which is why they would utilize this mystical herb to help aspiring shamans develop and build their connection between the physical and spiritual realms.  Thankfully, today more people are sensing a powerful drive to connect with the universal spiritual realm and are using Salvia Divinorum to learn how.

Try Salvia Divinorum for an easier way to establish the universal connection:

If you are feeling the overwhelming drive to connect your physical self with your spiritual self and have found it difficult to do so, you might want to utilize what the Aztec used centuries ago.  With Salvia Divinorum, you can learn to create your connection conduit to the spirit realm and take advantage of the universal Law of Attraction.  Thereby, manifesting your desires much more easily than you could with other forms of metaphysical training alone.