After the passing of emergency legislation by the Town Council on banning salvia divinorum, the hallucinogenic herb, police immediately came into action and arrests some of the merchants who were not obeying it. After this emergency legislation it is an offence to possess, sell, distribute or manufacture salvia divinorum in the city. The person, who is caught in any of these actions, can be fined up to $1,000 or can have imprisonment for six months and if the case is even more serious both will be levied on him. Those retailers who will be caught stocking salvia divinorum will be punished right from the clerk to the landlord including the business owners and the managers.

So far there has been three arrests in this concern. However the police had handed over the notice to all the retailers beforehand so that they get appropriate time to get rid of the herb. In fact a meeting was also called on July 31, and the retailers that were identified by the police as dealing with salvia business were warned about the trading of this hallucinogenic herb and were informed about imprisonment and penalties. After this arrest the police chief expected cooperation form the local people and businessmen so that the law is obeyed accurately and there is not much harm to people as well. Since it has been proved that the herb has hallucinogenic effects, this action was to be taken as the parents of young children and concerned citizens were worried about the increase in sale of salvia.