Salvinorin A is the active chemical in Salvia. It is the thing which causes our brains to freak out when we smoke Salvia. What we are really after is not the Salvia plant itself, but this chemical; it just so happens that Salvia Divinorum is just about the best source of Salvinorin A available on the market.

A good way to get more of the active ingredient into your system is to smoke a Salvia leaf which has been infused with a concentrated Salvinorin extract.

Extracts are generally labelled as 10x, 20x or 40x strength; this refers to their strength over and above that provided by the leaf on its own. As you can imagine, 40x strength is very, very strong. Even experienced users should be aware that this level can be much stronger than they have tried before. It is also 40 times stronger than nature intended Salvia to be.

The Mazatecs in central Mexico have been using Salvia as a psychoactive stimulant for many years, but they have never felt the need to use any concentrated extract in the pursuit of spiritual awareness.

Why is it, then, that ‘modern’ users of Salvia need much higher strengths? Simply put, non-Mazatec Salvia users are looking for something completely different to those pioneering users. They are looking for an instant trip; complete spiritual and psychedelic gratification from the very start. Whereas the Mazatecs are happy to slowly feel the influence of the Salvinorin chemical, we want it there and then.

Fortunately many Salvia sellers know exactly what we are after and provide the concentrated extracts; many also provide the Salvia Divinorum leaf itself, giving buyers the ultimate in choice. Whether you go for leaves – emulating the use of the Mazatecs – or the concentrated extracts, you are sure to have a very interesting experience with Salvia.