The hallucinogenic herb salvia is being banned by many states because of the misuse that are going on of it. This drug was used for medicinal purpose and for incense only and since the hallucinogenic effects got known, it started to be sold and bought by general public also. In fact it is still legal to sell or buy or even possess salvia divinorum in Columbia but in Verginia you would get arrested for that. The Ocean City Council had to pass an emergency legislation in order to ban salvia then and there. The National Survey for Drug use and Health of 2008 stated that almost 1.8 million people in US had tasted the drug and knew about its effects. And the popularity is expected to have increased only in past few years.

Not only this, salvia is widely available on Internet and can be seen very easily on YouTube. Generally youths in their late teens and 20s are seen bong-smoking there. However a lot of states have banned salvia and consider it as dangerous as heroin, LSD and marijuana. Youngsters who have tried this drug explain their experience as a journey to some other place. They feel away from this world till the effect of the smokeless drug is in their blood. Moreover, salvia is not yet proved as an addictive drug and so the ban on this will not cause any side effect on the users. Though banning salvia is good for the health of people, it will hamper the research work on the drug going on.