Salvia Divinorum is a special psychoactive plant. It can induce dissociative effects such as visions and hallucinations on the person who administers them. The prime location where it is found is Mexico from where large supplies are shipped across the world. Shamans have a long history and association with this herb. They believe it to be of religious significance and use it for spiritual healing of the mind and body. Let’s take a look at the illustrious history of Salvia Divinorum.

Early History

Salvia for sale wasn’t always as common in the early days as it is today. Little was known about this herb before its 20th century discovery in the western world. In 1939,anthropologist Jean Basset Johnson wrote of an infusion made with “Hierba Maria” or Mary Herb with visionary properties that was used for divining purposes while he was studying Mazatec shamanism. This was the birth of this herb as a healing tool.

The 60’s

This revolutionary herb was then first put to work by Gordon Wasson, but at that time few samples were available, so detailed research could not be conducted. Lack of technology and resources also hampered any real progress. One of the samples was analyzed at Harvard University in 1962. However, it wasn’t until later that Salvia Divinorum’s healing properties were discovered.


Scientists and researchers began extensive work in search of answers. The psychoactive elements and structure of Salvia Divinorum was eventually discovered by Daniel Siebert and his team. This was the first time that this herb was used other than for the Shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Ban and Present Scenario

Initially, a lot of countries raised objections against this herb. Terming it as harmful to health, a lot of experts were unconvinced of its healing abilities. Governments put regulations in place where users of this herb would be charged under constitutional law. Despite its struggle in the early days, this herb was eventually traded in the markets. Salvia Divinorum for sale became more available and people started using it. As time passed by, more research was conducted and results were much clearer this time around. A lot of countries permitted this herb’s use. Making it legal, today only a few countries such as Australia have banned this drug. It is widely available across the world in different types, depending on the user’s requirements.

The internet has played a major part in the popularity of this herb. Salvia divinorum for sale is now commonly available online on websites. Social networking websites have further increased its market share.