Salvia Divinorum, more popularly called salvia, belong to the mint family and is supposed to stir psychological senses and is traditionally used in divination and spiritual healing. Hence, owing to its spiritually curative powers, it has been named as diviner’s sage literally.

Salvia plant is known to grow to up to or more than one meter tall and consists of square stem and big green leaves. The leaves can be eaten, smoked or applied as tincture too and creates unpredictable behavior pattern on the part of the user from inexplicable laughter to incoherent dialogues for very short durations. This plant is known to be very powerful and natural hallucinogen discovered until now. More and more study and researches are being conducted on the legal propriety and possible medical and therapeutic effects of this plant.

Studies reveal that the results of smoking salvia could be quite an experience and on account of this, one must use it very judiciously and one must have the general notion of its impact on the system before taking it. The purists are of the opinion that the plant and its usage should not be encouraged as it can have profound effect on the psychological responses and may slowly lead to addictive behavior.