Smoking tobacco is injurious to health, yet people continue doing so. However, the trends of smoking have changed in the recent past and now people are using herbal smoke methods to induce benefits. Inducing herbs in any way is not dangerous since they are natural, therapeutic and beneficial sources of treatment for various health conditions. Not only can herbal smoking benefit you physically, but can be beneficial for your mental well-being as well.

Salvia Divinorum, a popular herb, is also being used widely for smoking as a substitute to tobacco. Herbal smoking is also called legal bud smoking. This involves inhaling the fumes of different herbs by way of chillums, specialized pipes and even by rolling them in papers used for cigarettes.

Wide assortments of these herbs have been regarded as legal buds. In fact, these herbs are the ones that have been widely used for over centuries in form of traditional tribal teas and shamanic potions. Herbal smokes are mainly prepared by mixing two or more herbs in different proportions.

Some of the most popular herbs used in this process include Salvia Divinorum, chamomile, hops, ginseng, damiana, kava kava, passion flower, wild dagga, skullcap, star of Bethlehem, scotch broom tops, artemisia vulgaris, betel nut powder, and various others. The combination of these herbs with Salvia Divinorum augment the aroma of herbal smoke even more than if salvia Divinorum is used alone.

Moreover, a combination of specific herbs with Salvia Divinorum can also be beneficial to cure various health conditions. The health benefits of salvia Divinorum cannot be denied. The herb has been researched upon widely at various established research facilities and medical institutes in the world. Currently, researchers are studying more about the prospective benefits of salvia and how it can be used to treat various diseases.

Different herbs combined with salvia are inhaled through chillums or pipes. Native Indians roll the mixture of salvia with other herbs into betel leaves, whereas people also use the herbs in various other ways such as in form of herbal tea.

Generally, it is a perception that smoking is injurious to health which is in fact true with respect to tobacco only. If you use herbs instead, that would be absolutely fine since they are natural and contain health benefits. However, if you have been diagnosed with disease of lungs, you should consult your doctor before smoking the leaves of salvia. Instead, it is suggested that you use salvia in other forms that will be extremely beneficial for you, for example, inhaling, tea, etc.