The current legal status of Salvia is always a source of much concern for many Salvia users. People do want to stay on the right side of the law, despite their feelings as to the stupidity of that law.

Here is what I consider to be the current situation as at the time of writing. Apologies if this is out of date by the time you read it; it goes without saying that you should not rely on this information as being correct, as I cannot promise any accuracy. Make your own enquiries before acting on this information.

In US Salvia is not currently regulated by the Controlled Substances Act but some rogue states have decided to go ahead and pass their own laws. Lots of other states have proposed new legislation to deal with the ‘scourge’ of Salvia, but these laws have fortunately not yet come into being.

The UK does not currently have any laws controlling Salvia at all. Australia is one of the few places where it is banned outright. Other European countries such as Beligum, Denmark and others have decided to control the substance without necessarily banning it.

The stupidity of the legal situation in the US is highlighted by the Tennessee law which bans the Salvia Divinorum plant, but not the active hallucinogenic ingredient, Salvorin A, which remains completely legal.

On top of the massive variety in laws between countries and US States, there is the problem of policing. There is nothing about the Salvia plant that particularly draws attention to it, there is no distinctive smell unless it is smoked, and the leaves look just like the leaves of any other plant. Maybe there will be a spate of people being sent down because they are carrying a suspicious looking plant. It is entirely possible.