As with many things such as sports, music, poetry readings and others, Salvia has its own click. People come and people go from Salvia community. Although may think that it is small, on the contrary you will find that this little Salvia community gathering is not quite so small. The age range is from the average teenager to the full grown adult. Most of the young people it seems use the herb for the purposes of feeling a high. There are also those that are looking for the spiritual use of the herb and using practices from the shamans.

There are many different websites that are for chatting and posting blogs on the salvia community. It seems that you get the occasional person that will show up out of the blue to post their experiences and then the next thing you know, they are never to be heard from again. These are the experimenters that are not true members of the community. People that are looking for the more spiritual or psychedelic trips of the herb tend to stick around longer. They have found there place in a community that accepts them for who they are and they share something in common with at least one other person. So, if you take part in the experience of Salvia community, do a little research and you could become a member of the community. Share your experiences, likes and dislikes with others that share something with you. Come and see the world of salvia community.