Countless people for centuries have used Salvia to expand their conscious minds into the universal realms around each and every one of us.  These out of body experiences can be obtained without the use of special spiritual herbs, but that can sometimes take years of intense study and practice.

I was one of those individuals that spend several years of my life studying yoga, meditation, and even magick, but something always seemed to block me from the true states of enlightenment.

I needed a breakthrough and Salvia gave me that:

The unfortunate side effect of all of my years of trying to reach that perfect state of consciousness was added frustration.  I read countless accounts of the world’s great visionary travelers and could never quite get to the levels that I was reading about.  I was not really into taking illegal substances because they would pollute my experience from the get go.

It was not until I tried Salvia that I was able to really learn how to control my travels in the unseen realms.  It took some time, but after a few tries I was quickly able to expand my mind and open up doors to places that I had only ever read about in books.

What I like the most about Salvia is that there were no ill effects afterward.  Because Salvia does not contain drugs like nicotine, there was no need to worry about it being habit forming.

Without Salvia I was barely able to get through the doors:

All in all, what Salvia helped me do, was to easily take my spiritual journey to a whole new level.  I first tried Salvia with simple meditation and was able to get my bearings while learning to control the visions.  Later I added some ceremonial workings with ritual magick.  Not only was I easily able to walk the astral planes, I was able to alter them how I saw fit.

These workings with Salvia have changed my core beliefs in how one should go about their spiritual workings. Now I can see why Salvia was used by Aztec shamans to train aspiring shamans for generations.

It is time to see for yourself what Salvia can do for your workings:

If you have been trying to get your spiritual working to the next level and have seemed blocked or stalled for some reason, try Salvia and see for yourself what this mystical herb can do.  There is no better place to get the best Salvia than at Saliva Dragon.