Salvia divinorum has always been a legal substitute for those looking to experience the thrill of an altered mind experience without the legality issues. Unfortunately state governments have been banning its use as it has gained popularity. This is because they have no way to make money off of the use, so they ban it and then fine whoever is using it. However there are places to go to buy salvia legally if it has been banned in your state.

The number one place to look for salvia is Canadian based shops. It is not illegal to ship it over the border, and you can buy a considerable amount for relatively cheap. They usually also have a wide range of products to use the herb so that if you are new to the process it will not be a hassle trying to find it.

Do not worry about it getting shipped to your house. If it is purchased where it is not illegal, then it can be shipped to your house no problem. Just be relaxed before you use it and your experience should be a fun one. If you are stressed out or having some problems, do not use it because it will cause your trip to be sour and will turn you off of the stuff.