A ‘sitter’ is someone who, well, sits. The idea is that a sitter will sit with you while you go on your journey into the world of Salvia. This person will stay entirely sober while you trip the light fantastic. Being a sitter might not sound like a very satisfying job, nor is it very glamorous, but it is entirely necessary.

Some things that the sitter should remember are that Salvia trips are always short lived, and that it is not possible to overdose on Salvia leaves. The sitter’s job is to not panic, and to sit the trip out with the person who is under the influence. The sitter must remember that no matter how confused the person is or how crazy that person is acting, it will all be over soon.

Someone who takes Salvia might be tempted to move around. Sometimes these movements might be erratic; occasionally they may be dangerous. Things like balconies and open windows are the places where the Salvia sitter really comes into their own. Dragging furniture onto oneself is also a quick way to get injured, so it’s important that the sitter guard against this kind of action where possible. At the same time it is important for the person’s trip that they allow some freedom to move around and explore, so don’t be over protective.

Touching a person on Salvia might confuse and frighten them, so it is important for the sitter to remember to make physical contact as infrequently as possible.

Once the trip is over the sitter will be a familiar face to the person who was tripping, and the sitter might be able to help the user to discuss and recall the experience that they have just been through.

Above all, the sitter is a friend. Use common sense. Don’t ever use Salvia without a sitter there with you.