Many people use salvia to relax and meditate. Of course Pranayama is a popular form of yoga so it has come to pass that the two have become intertwined for some people. Salvia and Pranayama can actually be used in an incense form. If someone sits is in a room which is quiet and peaceful and have an incense of Salvia burning, the combination can produce a peaceful interaction. If one sits in a room with legs crossed and inhales Salvia deeply and does perform Pranayama at that time, it takes the mind deep within the soul and one can experience inner peace.


One must make sure that the door of the room is closed so that the room fills with the scent and smoke so as to keep a sated state of mind. One should not inhale excess of Salvia which may harm the body but possibly enough to let the mind run free. Users comment that they experience an outer body experience and can actually see where they want there life to be. Once Salvia is combined with Pranayama, the body relaxes, the heart beat slows to a calming pace and sometimes even breathing slows down to almost nothing. At this time one could see a reflection on his life and become calm. One lets the day and all of the stress wash away. One is able to sit back and enjoy the ride, and let oneself go and only see the good in what life has to offer.