Salvia is one of most potent natural hallucinogens that you can legally purchase for now. Although the effects of salvia are quite potent, the effects of the herb only last for a few minutes. After the effects wear off, the user is left in a state of calm and control with a connection to nature.

During the era of the Aztecs, Aztec shamans used salvia to divine the future and predict future events. However, current users of salvia have, thus far, been unable to predict the legal future of the herb. As many state and local governments are considering the banning of salvia.

For example, Ocean City, Maryland is one such municipality that is considering a ban on the herb. Although the city does not cite any specific safety issues or legal reasons for the banning of the herb, the city does, however, feel that the herb should be banned for the safety of children. The city believes that children should not allowed to have access to salvia so a blanket ban on the herb is the best way to ensure that children do not have access to this herb.

A ban on salvia has multiple implications on the sale and purchase of salvia, especially when it comes to transporting the herb. If a particular city has placed a ban on salvia, then the city police may be able to confiscate the herb if it is discovered on a vehicle that is transporting salvia to be sold.

The legal future of salvia is still in question and its future legal status remains to be seen. However, if there is a user of salvia that is more than willing to use the herb to see into salvia’s future, then that user’s insight would be more than welcome.