Salvia is considered to be the largest genus of the mint family as designed and described by the biologists in the field of botanical researchers done across the globe or the geography. This is in general a type of ornamental species that is commonly called or referred as Salvia .This is a special type of species that has the healing capacity or the property of healing. This is a special type of species which can be found to exist at locations such as the isolated and shaded, moisture filled climatic conditions of the mountain cloud forest. It reaches a height of around one meter with a hollow stem. This species is well filled with the psychoactive constituent called the Salvinorin-A which is considered to be the K-Optoid receptor agonist. Salvia divinorum exist in a chewable form. It can also be smoked or used as a tincture. This is a factor that has the characteristic feature of causing the dysphoria (which is nothing but an unpleasant or uncomfortable mood). This is in fact a factor that is found to occur in nature but not yet considered to be to be a toxic agent or an addictive agent causing addiction but is revealed that it is a special type of analgesic as well as a therapeutic tool that can be used for the treatment for drug addicts.