The name Salvia is the perfect name given to the plant (herb) that has a medicinal value of high and advanced use which is of a greater support to the healers. The nature has created a lot of herbs and shrubs, plants, bushes, climbers and trees where each and every plant or tree has a medicinal value both directly or indirectly. So the plants are just checked in closer view for their medicinal value, where the plant or the herb Salvia has shown a respective as well as a perfect result. This is a herb that induces strong dissociative effects. This is a natural herbaceous perennial that is scientifically called or referred to as the Salvia Divinorum due to its traditional usage in the divination and healing process. The gift of nature that has the effective power of healing. It is not just a herb but a powerful plant that has the higher medicinal value in the whole universe. This is a special type of plant that supports with their psychoactive compounds available in it. This herb is also an addictive or a toxic, k-opioid agonist. The most effective and the exclusive effects of these herbs include the sensations of improved mood and sensation of insight, calmness and so on. In fact it is a special type of herb.