If you’re new to Salvia, then you’re probably wondering just how you can be sure to be using the drug safely. In itself, there is nothing to suggest that Salvia is anything other than safe, and when used correctly there should be no problems.

There is always the possibility, though, that you can be a danger to yourself when you use Salvia. Salvia trips invariably leave you confused and a little unsure of your surroundings, and if this confusion means that you’re going to pull tables or other furniture over onto yourself, then this could be a problem.

To stop you injuring yourself (or, less likely, others), try and only use Salvia when you’ve got a sitter. A sitter is someone who is sober and who knows that you are going to take Salvia. They know what the likely effects are, and they will be able to stop you injuring yourself.

Other common-sense considerations that you really should bear in mind are whether you are taking any other drugs: mixing Salvia Divinorum with other drugs or even with alcohol can lead to unpredictable results. It is likely that such mixtures will make a bad trip even more terrifying than it needs to be for new or inexperienced users. Don’t do this unless you’re sure of what you’re doing.

People with any kind of mental illness should always, always check with a medical professional before they decide to use any amount of Salvia for any purpose whatsoever.

Practise makes perfect… at least sometimes. If your reaction to the Salvia doesn’t feel ‘right’ after the first try, give it a chance. Try again and see if next time is any better. One of the things about Salvia is the way it gives a different result every single time you use it.

Salvia is a great, safe drug. Use it sensibly.