Ancient herbs like Salvia have always been used for their healing purposes and spiritual enlightenment. The herb not only makes you think out of the box, but also pushes you out of the box to experience what the Native American Shamans and Sages referred to as a magical experience.

It is an experience that can make you glide up to heaven and shake hands with god and other spiritual entities. It provides a quick trip for the person who wants to experience another dimension that is far beyond their normal lives, as they know it.

After smoking the herb, people usually get spaced-out and have open-eye visuals. The best thing about Salvia though, is that in won’t leave you jonesing for more like other potent substances. Unlike others, the herb Salvia Divinorum is perfectly legal and can be obtained from Salvia dealers across the country or by going online to one of the many online websites who deal in this herb like

There is nothing more powerful than the sub-conscious mind and it is certainly not something that should be toyed around with. The Salvia Divinorum herb offers an escape for a person; who knows, this herb might just show you your true self, it may be scary for some but it also provides an opportunity to change one’s self.

Final Thoughts:

I am sorry if this will take a negative spin of sorts, but when talking about Salvia, thoughts of its negative effects usually creep up. My thoughts on this matter are that all psychedelics have their negative effects like trauma, for example, which is why it makes no sense to fight over its subjective effects. The bottom line is, people have cottoned down to the fact that everyone who has done Salvia Divinorum has found it to be beneficial.

The whole point of using this herb is to reprogram ourselves by undergoing the experience that it provides, but that being said, anyone using Salvia should always take the utmost care. It is highly recommended that a person should educate themselves first before trying it out.

For people who really want to change their perspective of life, it must be understood that creating the proper environment which is both positive and safe during and after the experience is the key to achieve the spiritual transcendence which they seek.