Review of Salvia Dragon.   { I am a musician and therefore I feel as an artist that inspiration is achieved from a desire to communicate views & emotions. The first time I experienced Salvia I actually felt a repetition of being floored, as in knocked out. Now that is not pleasant, so I experienced it again a short time later & wrote down what I could remember and i had the lights off to better understand what actually did occur. What I experienced was a series of infinite repetitive thought and I realized that as an artist i have to create, not be a spectator sitting on my ass,so I realized that this incredible experience of repetitive thought could be used for making love to my beautiful woman. Only a fraction of substance was used to achieve hours of love making, no B.S. Maybe I am just different but dam! It was awesome! True story. I thank God, or the higher forces which create life for this is not an activity of leisure but an experience which should be used for a special occasion. P.S. I also suggest drinking a glass of wine prior to doing this, just a glass though! By Craig Barr.