Salvia Divinorum, the hallucinogenic native to Mexico, has been subject to a lot of media coverage lately. The focus of this interest has largely centered around the dangers – real or perceived – that campaigners are associated with the substance. Salvia has, until now, largely been able to travel under the radar and is still legally available in most states and in most countries throughout the world.

Assemblyman Anthony Adams has introduced legislation to restrict the sale of Salvia to those under the age of 18; the drug, he says, can be very dangerous and possibly even life-threatening.

A small dose of the concentrated form of salvia induces a unique hallucinogenic state unlike that caused by other hallucinogens, says Dr. Charles Grob of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Grob goes on to state that, in his opinion, making the sale of the drug to under 18s illegal will simply drive it underground, with possibly even more dangerous consequences.