The Salvia plant has many different uses and is known to produce psychoactive effects. In our history, the Mazatec were known and are still known to use this drug everyday. This plant has also been known to have medicinal purposes. Some of them are the relief of headaches, for the older generation to feel more relaxed, diarrhea and also for rheumatism. There is some support from researchers’ perspective that this herb may, one day, be used as an antidepressant that is safe for human consumption as a natural alternative. It has been known for its ability to help one meditate and find an inner peace with themselves. Researcher’s perspective has delved into the world of slavia and has worked to see what dosages have different affects on people.

Since researchers have been looking into the effects and side effects of salvia, it has since been discovered that smoking or inhaling the product can be a great addition to meditation. But, in order to get the full effects, you need to follow some guidelines. Because the herb can take up to a full 30 minutes for you to feel anything, make sure that the room is dark since this is the best way to experience it. The room should be quiet along with some peaceful music in the background. According to researchers perspective you should not be alone. You have no idea what effect this will have on you. Do a little of your own Researchers before experimenting with Salvia and enjoying its effects.