As I reported a couple of posts ago I am on a mini-mission to try and collect the thoughts of my fellow Salvia smokers. A few of us gather at my house on a semi-regular basis to partake in a little bit if Salvia inhalation. Recently I decided to conduct interviews of the people in my group, asking them about Salvia, Smoking, Drugs, and the increasingly poor political situation in Zimbabwe. Well, perhaps not that last bit.

This week I’ve got Todd, a car mechanic, in my radar. Let’s see what he’s got to say for himself…

Q: When did you first start taking Salvia?

A: Not until quite recently actually. I kept reading about it in the newspapers and saw it on the TV. I was like, what’s that man. I decided to try it, then I got invited here. Awesome party man, thanks.

Q: No problem at all, Todd! Glad you enjoy it! How does Salvia make you feel?

A: Unlike a lot of people here I don’t get hallucinations. I just tend to feel really relaxed and time passes like really slowly? It feels like I’m in this nice relaxed state for hours on end. Fortunately for me it’s actually only a few minutes and I can get back and do another few before you throw me out man!

Q: That’s why you’re always so calm about your ejection. Now I know!

A: Totally man. I used to be quite hyper but this Salvia really helps. It’s much better than weed, it’s legal, and I enjoy it more. Like, no contest! What’s so great is that a bunch of really different people like us can get together and enjoy Salvia. And it’s legal — did I mention that? Anyways, your parties always bring out the best in people.

Q: Thanks Todd, I appreciate your coming to these gatherings and I appreciate your time. I’ll let you get on.

A: Aight. Any time, dude.