Continuing my intriguing series of interviews with Salvia smokers, this the second half of the interview with published poet Sylvia (not her real name).

Q. How do you feel that Salvia Divinorum helps you to tap into your spiritual side?
A. Interesting. For me the hallucinations (aural and visual) are not just random images caused by the Salvia messing with my head. Rather they are an expression of some aspect of my psyche. If I have violent and disturbing hallucinations then I’m probably worried about something. If I’m hallucinating aboutbeautiful horses cantering over rolling green fields then I’m relaxed and happy. If I hallucinate about dead babies then I need to see a Doctor of the head. Either way it’s all about learning more about me as a person; this introspection is generally difficult for people and I find that Salvia helps.

Q. What is your view on Salvia‘s place in the current political climate
A. I know that they are trying to ban it but that’s about it. I don’t care for politics or for what other people want to try to make me do. They can all go and fornicate for all I care. I have no interest. Sorry.

Q. Haha! Okay! No problem at all. How often do you smoke Salvia?
A. Probably two or three times a week, depending on how much inspiration I am looking for. Of course I always attend your smoking parties. They are the highlight of every socially active girl’s social calendar. Really.

Q. I sense a little bit of your sarcasm coming through there Sylvia, but I’ll let it pass.
A. You know it makes sense.

Q. Thanks very much for your time, Sylvia. It’s really great to see people enjoying themselves and I can see you are. Good for you.
A. Thanks for inviting me, bug boy.