I recently collected together a group of my friends for a Salvia party. We’ve done this a few times in the past and we’re really getting to know each other really well. It’s a great crowd, we go through a fair amount of Salvia, and I reckon that we’re all better people afterwards (spiritually at least!).

Anyway, I took this opportunity to get some ideas from these party goers about what Salvia meant to them. What they thought of Salvia; what effects it had on them; what they thought of the recent (and impending) changes in legislation relating to the drug, its use and its distribution and sale. I thought some of the answers might be interested so I collected them together. Hopefully this will form the first in a fairly irregular series of ‘mini-interviews’ with the Salvia users that form my group of friends and associates.

First up to answer my barrage of questions is Andy, an accountant.
Q When did you first start taking Salvia?
A When you introduced it to me about 4 years ago! You are a bad man!
Q How do you feel when you partake of the demon leaf?
A Demon leaf?!? Are you working for the legislative body now?
Smoking Salvia is a really strange experience and it’s completely different every time and, I imagine, for every different person. This is part of what gives it so much character and allure. It’s also what makes it not the ‘right thing’ for some people. Fair enough. The first time I took it I was quite nervous and the trip I experienced was really weird. There weren’t really anyhallucinations (although I do get vivid visual hallucinations now) and I just felt like I was confused and irritated. Time was really, really dilated for me — in reality the trip lasted around five minutes.

I find that my mood effects the trip in quite a big way. If I’m happy and excited (as I almost always am at these little parties at yours) …

Q You giggle uncontrollably?
A .. yeah. You noticed then?

Q Erm, yes. I might have seen that before.
A Yeah, Salvia brings out the best in me. Even your jokes are funny!

Q Thanks for your time Andy. Go and do some giggling.
A Peace.

Come back for more interviews next week.

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