"A Ride" - Anonymous
This was about a month ago and after about 4 successive days of smoking plain leaves. On the previous night after smoking a few hits, I had an experience of my head merging with the wall and my chi going out through the back of my head and into the wall, at which point I felt and saw the wall's consciousness which was like many interconnected geometric shapes of an Escher tesselation, and they seemed happy I was joining them. After this pleasant experience, I was eager to try salvia again. The next night, after 2 hits I was gone. My room became further and further away until it was a tiny rectangle with total darkness above and below. I realized that I must be outside of time and space looking at my life from a different vantage point. By this time, there was a loud recurrent whooshing sound which corresponded to each moment coming into existence and being set aside like a dominoe to the left of my visual field, which I recognized as my past. I tried looking to my right, which would correspond to my future, but I couldn't make anything out. Each moment of my existence was being created with a whooshing sound and set aside as if part of some grand plan, and I realized that this was my reality, and only one channel in the grand scheme of things. Salvia had tweaked the vertical hold on my channel so I could see it for what it is. I then realized that there must be as many reality channels as there are humans on earth and that they're all a little different, but interconnected. When I realized this, I tried to telepathically change the channel to see what would happen, but apparently that wasn't allowed because then I rushed back into my room. My room wasn't quite the same as normal though. Maybe because I came back so quickly, it wasn't entirely reconstituted yet, so I watched with amazement as my world re-created itself. I saw little geometric shapes move across my ceiling and down the opposite wall, across the floor and finally through me, at which point they stopped, or at least I didn't see them anymore. I got the feeling that our reality is constantly creating and re-creating itself in this way. After this experience I felt the wonder and beauty of everyday reality... yes, it's an illusion, but it's a wonderfully beautiful and complex illusion.