"The Most Intense Experience of My Life" - By James Keegan

Well, my long awaited salvia dragon arrived on Monday in the mail. My first experiences with salvia (two total) were about four years ago, and although I even had used an MAOI the second time, I had only the very slightest effects. I regret those trips because it was before I had educated myself about salvia, and most drugs. In the last year or two, Ive been studying up, and reading every resource I can about salvia. I finally decided to buy some, and I purchased the regular-strength enhanced salvia online.

Although it was expensive, expensive Im glad I purchased it, as I felt particularly safe about buying from them/him. The site itself was obviously a gem of knowledge and countless people have referred me there. I had no scale to measure, so I used the method that I had been directed to by a regular here (I lurk here, and read everyday, but never posted more than a few questions). I had my first experience in four years on Monday night. It was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. I believe that I was at a level 3 trip, on the SALVIA trip scale. I was very aware that I was under the influence of salvia, and I was aware that I was hallucinating (when I tried to analyze it). In hindsight It seems that all of my sensory input was 'translated' into feeling. I cant remember any auditory hallucinations, and very very little visual (closed and open eyes), but every time I would hear, smell or see something, it would be instantly translated into a feeling. I dont remember a whole lot of the trip, or the exact duration. I had gotten very little sleep the night before, and was tired at the time I used it. I remember starting at 6pm, and waking up from my bed at 9pm. I don't remember falling asleep, because I can only put together a few distinct things I remember from the experience. I was careful in picking the room that I was in. I chose the guest room in my house, because it is small, and simple, and very clean. My room is in the basement, and is much larger.

The walls are COVERED with all sorts of obnoxious/complex eye candy, and the room itself is very messy. I decided to trip in a less obtrusive environment. The bed was very wide and comfortable. I stayed in that bed the whole experience. I lit two candles and set them on a shelf across the room. My 'sitter' was in the other rooms of the house, and I told her to only come in, in the case of an emergency. This was probably not the safest decision, but after the trip I decided that it was the best decision, since my trip was very personal. I remember feeling the whole time, that if someone was to come in, that I would be extremely embarrassed.

I loaded my bong VERY carefully, after measuring out 1/4 teaspoon of salvia, and dividing it into four equal parts. I started with one of the fourths. One of the residents in the house is very particular about smoke, so out of courtesy I opened the glass sliding door to smoke. The rain was pounding down outside. I took one very large hit out of a bong (with ice water) and using a butane torch lighter. Before I could even let out the smoke, I had this immense feeling of circulation through my body. The sound of the rain must have had some connection to this, because I felt a connection between the rain and the feeling, but I couldn't actually focus on the rain, I could only feel this sensation. I forgot to exhale (which turned out to happen a lot throughout the trip). I had to remind myself to exhale and I felt like I was leaving someone close when I exhaled. I didnt want to let the smoke go. I took another two hits until all of it was gone. I got up to quickly load another fourth. I was a little disoriented but I made it over and loaded it up. I took another two hits out of that, and then set my bong and lighter aside and laid down on the bed. I kept having that feeling of circulation, so I shut the sliding glass door and as the rain sound stopped, so did the feeling of circulation. At this point I dont remember what I was feeling, and I can hardly recall anything besides at one point (this is the only thing I remember specifically), I had this feeling of cold wetness on my right upper thigh. I immediately remembered that I had forgotten to use the washroom before tripping. I had to go, but I didnt actually do it, since I had been preparing in other ways. I tried to ignore the feeling but it kept getting colder and wetter. It was isolated to this one area on my thigh.

As time progressed (at this point I had lost my grasp of western time) I felt like i had urinated my pants and trickling down my leg to that increasingly wet spot. I reached down to try to feel if my pants were wet, and they felt soaked! Wet and cold. Ironically I didnt feel embarrassed or strange about this at all. It was just something that happened. I took off the pants and finished the trip under the covers in my boxers (which did not feel wet).Once I removed my pants the feeling went away. The only other feeling I can remember specifically was that I was panting very hard. My breaths were very heavy and loud, yet I didnt feel like I was breathing irregular at all. It felt normal, and almost better than normal. I had to really concentrate to realize how hard I was breathing. The next thing I remember is waking up at 9pm, three hours later and still being tired. I remember during the whole trip, a constant feeling of joy. It was, just a positive feeling. When I woke up, although I didnt have any mind opening insights, or amazing philosophical discorveries, I felt that I had been welcomed, if not slowly into the realm of salvia. The experience was not harsh or unpleasant in anyway. Ive been aware of drug reaction = user + expectation + setting and I was careful not to worry about expectation too much. I think keeping an open mind had something to do with the positive experience.