Powerful hallucinogen legal – for anyone – to buy

New Mexico kids have found a legal way to get high. It’s called salvia divinorum, and it can be bought at several Albequerque shops. A powerful psychoactive herb that can produce highs lasting about an hour, salvia divinorum is only grown in Mexico. This powerful mint gets it’s name because it was originally used by shamans who used it for religious puproses in divination and spiritual healing and the name translates to “diviner’s sage”. However, it has been more recently referred to as “magic mint” and “seer’s sage”. Kids have been chewing it, smoking it, or extracting it into liquid form to alter their conscious minds.

Several states have passed laws against it’s use, although there is no federal law against it, and twelve states prohibited the sale to minors. However, a 2006 study showed that by the age of 12 almost 200,000,000 people have used it.

Julie Roberts, acting director of the New Mexico Drug Policy Alliance, wishes to regulate the drug rather than criminalize it. Representative Ken Gardner is pushing to ban the us for New Mexico kids.

It’s difficult to determine if it should be banned as salvia divinorum could potentially be used for treating other drug addictions and clinical depression. But, there is not much known about long term effects of continued and frequent at this time