Police Lieutenant Jerry Davis – formerly of Yucaipa police department – is being hailed as a hero in Yucaipa, CA, as being instrumental in the passing of a law regarding the sale of a certain brand of Salvia to young children. The law came into effect on Jan 1, 2009.

The push by Davis to ban the substance from his streets started in 2006 after he became acutely aware that Salvia was being sold – quite legally, back then – in smoke shops, outdoor venues and on many sites online. He decided to start gathering information at a deeper level and asked his teenage children whether they had heard of Salvia. To his dismay, they most definitely had; to add to his worries his children told him that many of their peers used the substance regularly.

Something, Lie tenant Jerry Davis decided, needed to be done. And he was just the man to do it.

Davis’ next plan of action was to start doing extensive research into Salvia. Although very few states in the US had (and to this day, have) banned the drug and despite the fact that only one country has imposed a blanked ban, Davis came to the remarkable conclusion that Salvia was unsafe. This conclusion is made even more remarkable since Davis seems to have answered a question that seems to have defeated the world’s best scientists for many years now.

Fast forward almost three years and establishments cannot now sell Salvia to minors. The penalties for such a sale could include jail time and/or a fine or $1000. As draconian as these penalties sound for what is – all the evidence suggests – a safe drug, they are nowhere near as harsh as those imposed in other states. So perhaps Jerry Davis did do the right thing after all! Hurrah for the former Police Lieutenant!