Salvia gives pleasure to the life of many. Not only does it provide them with an interesting way to escape the drudgery of life for just a few minutes, but also it gives like minded people a chance to get together and do something totally legal and totally fun.

And now, predictably, the government wants to ban it completely.

This is terrible news for anyone who wants to find out more about Salvia and its effects (and by ‘find out more…’ I am not intending to use a metaphor for ‘get stoned more’); that some of these people are hard-working scientists is bad enough. That these same scientists and researchers may be on the brink of finding some information that is going to help them in the battle against Alzheimer’s is just plain upsetting.

In medical and scientific terms Salvia is a ‘new’ drug. In terms of its potential and scientific interest scientists are just scratching the surface. There are plenty of willing volunteers to fill up their labs with (shout ‘free Salvia‘ in any University campus and you might even get mobbed), and there are plenty of people interested in whatever results they might come up with.

To force them to give up now is to deny the country the knowledge it so badly needs.