Plants give us air, food, life, and sadly, can even kill. One of the latest drugs to hit the streets is created from the salvia divinorum plant. A member of the same plant family as mint leaves, this drug is easily accessible, and some say it is very dangerous. This plant is known on the street as Maria Pastora, Sage of the Seers, Diviner’s Sage, Salvia, Sally-D, and Magic Mint. It is a hallucinogen, and dealers are targeting teens for sales. While possessing and smoking the plant is illegal in 14 states, it is currently not on the federal list of controlled substances. Online bloggers have described the experiences of using this drug as “out of body” and lasting for up to several minutes. Members of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have labeled this plant with concern as it can incapacitate a person and possibly endanger them or someone else. According to studies done on the effects of those who buy salvia, people experience dysphasia, loss of motor control, dizziness, and slurred speech. This drug is grown and cultivated in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Then it is shipped to the United States and sold through the internet. The drug can be chewed or smoked, but smoking is the preferred method due to an instant high instead of a delayed high. The future of salvia in the United States is unclear, as states such as Georgia do not enforce any laws against the use or sale of the substance.