My eyes were opened to the mystical power of Salvia Divinorum after only one enlightening evening.  Though I did not realize it at the time, that night created a permanent connection between my conscious mind and the spiritual universe around us.

A night with friends is all it took for me to order Salvia Divinorum:

It all started with the advice of a friend and fellow seeker.  I asked her about using mystical herbs to help open the mind to the spirit world and whether she thought that it might help me to better see what the spirits wanted me to see.

We got into a long discussion about the various herbs that many of the world’s cultures used to see the spirit world, as well as other substances that new age spiritual seekers have used.  After that talk I decided to order Salvia Divinorum and have it sent to my home.

Why I ordered Salvia Divinorum and will again in the future:

The reason I selected Salvia Divinorum was easy.  Salvia is legal in most countries and does not have habit forming properties in it like nicotine.  Plus, Salvia Divinorum is the mystical herb that ancient shamans from Mayan and Aztec tribes used to teach young shamans how to interact with the spirit world.

My Salvia Divinorum practices were better than I had expected:

Within a few days my order was delivered and I was ready for my first working with Salvia.  I started with a simple meditative working with a friend and quickly discovered that my aura perception was clearer then it had ever been.

The next day we both could still sense that our aura sight was still enhanced.  Though it was not as clear as it was the night we first tried Salvia Divinorum, it was apparent that the spirit connection was still active.

Subsequently we decided to try to utilize the mystical power of Salvia Divinorum with a Tarot reading.  We got together and meditated for a bit and then began our reading.  Neither of us could believe how clear our Tarot readings seemed to be.  It was as if the gods and goddesses of the universe were showing us our true selves and our paths in this world with the cards.

As with the residual aura viewing connection, our understanding of the Tarot stayed with us.  We feel we can better understand the hidden meanings associated with the Tarot cards much more clearly then we had before.  I believe that the connections that Salvia Divinorum helps to establish in the seeker are with them indefinitely and can help them on their ongoing quest for better understanding.

Salvia Divinorum helped me on my quest and it might help you:

For those that want to expand their understanding of the universe and have been looking for a natural means to help establish the necessary spiritual connections within them, then try Salvia Divinorum today.  With just a few quick mouse clicks you can have Salvia Divinorum sent right to your door in just a few days.