I have been using drugs of various kinds and descriptions for some years now. Not only do I really enjoy the experience whenever I get the opportunity, I actually believe that it opens my mind and makes me a more rounded person. Nowhere is this more true than with my Salvia trips.

I started using Salvia about a year ago. I bought some off the Internet when I’d heard the politicians arguing so passionately about it. I was told (incorrectly, it turns out) that Salvia is kind of a cross between LSD and marijuana. In fact its effects have little in common with either.

So anyway, my younger sister (she’s 22) has occasionally tried drugs with me. I decided that I would introduce her into the wonderful world of Salvia; she wilfully agreed and we set a time and a date on which we would together help her with her first Salvia trip.

I stayed sober while she took the first hit. Her eyes went glassy and she sat there for a few minutes, seemingly unconscious. When she came around, I asked her if she’d fallen asleep. Oh no, she replied, far from it.

You see, while she was under the influence my sister – Sally – was having the time of her life! She was chasing a multicoloured dog around a rotating room. The walls kept morphing into strange shapes. At one point the table she was sat next to changed into a huge version of my, only to morph again into the old and outdated stereo system that sits in the corner of the living room.

Did she enjoy it? Enjoying is perhaps not the right word, but she certainly felt that her eyes were more open than before. Would she try it again? Hell yeah, of course!