I have never been a big drug fan, but a few friends of mine convinced me to try salvia. I am naturally a very spiritual person, and the potential of salvia to show me the way to a higher plane of thinking was all too great.

I bought my Salvia on-line; the price was reasonable and the service was great. I am fortunate enough to be located in one of those states where the purchase, sale, and possession of Salvia is not yet banned.

A friend of mine who is experienced in the use of Salvia sat with me during my first trip. I am told that using a sitter is always the best idea, and if that person is experienced in using Salvia then so much the better.

I used pipe that I bought the same time as my Salvia, filled it with the right amount, and used a lighter to burn it. I inhaled smoke for a long time, then sat back and waited. Before long the trip was sitting in a big way, and I went through a whole range of emotions before I calm finally come down and start ed to enjoy what I was experiencing.

The whole trip was surreal, but I guess that’s kind of the idea. Not only did I feel like I was floating upwards towards the ceiling, but I also felt like I’d merged with a television which was close by. My friend was close by, but he had turned into some kind of dancing fairy. His face swelling, features confused and always moving.

I’m not sure I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, but it was certainly an interesting experience. There is plenty of salvia left for me to try again, and I certainly intend to do this. My friend tells me that each and every trip one has with Salvia is a different experience. I am looking forward to exploring this variety fully.