My name is Lin Pyo, born and raised in Flushing New York.  With the high pace ‘City Life’ that i endure on a day to day basis, it is difficult to find a product of any sort that can be trusted.
I have been an obsessive Marijuana abuser for countless years.  As my addiction proceeded in to uncontrollable depths, I soon was faced with the possibility of jail time and/or death with such high doses of Cocaine and MDMA use; slowly but surely progressing in to Heroine abuse.
I have been using Salvia as a ‘Spiritual Growth’ drug but can’t really classify Salvia nor Marijuana as a drug.
Four years; I’ve used many different types and sources for my Salvia experimintation, and have never been more satisfied than with
To keep it plain and simple, is the superior when it comes to Salvia.
When i first heard about your website, the first thing that came to mind was ‘SCAM’ as with many ‘Legal High’ websites.
I’ve tried Legal Marijuana, Legal Cocaine, TNT, Space Trips; basically each and every single one of the ‘Legal Highs’ and was disappointed every single time.
I tried your product out of mere curiosity.  I approached your website expecting dissapointment until i came across what is now as ‘Extract’….
I was shocked at your promotion consisting of free shipping, and your unbelieveably low prices.  I quickly ordered a 10x with my brother’s permission, only to find myself ordering the 20x the day my shipping arrived.  I then skipped to 80x and am to this day, a fanatic for many years.
I am currently on Parole, and gives me that awesome buzz plus ability to leave my body as compared to LSD, Ketamine, and high doses of Narcotics without the bad side effects.
No addiction, no crash, no sitter required.  Bad sources of Salvia have caused me to:
1. Make a fool of myself.
2. Hurt myself without recognition.
3. Kept me away from that source for good.
With, I:
1. Realized my ‘phobia” of Police.
2. Realized my purpose.
3. Grew in touch with my spirit and emotions.
My name is Lin Pyo of F-Town, NY and I am a proud customer of