So here we are: onto the second part in my exciting account about my most memorable Salvia trip ever. If you haven’t already then please do go and look through the first part in this instalment as it sets the scene quite nicely (in my opinion, but then I did write it so I could well be biased…).

I sat down on my own and started smoking the Salvia using a special pipe that I have just for this purpose. A few puffs later and the Sally D kicked in — she was on time as usual!

The first minute or so I just felt a very strange hazy feeling almost like I was in a dream. Things were fuzzy around me and I felt incredibly relaxed. So far so good.

Then the hallucinations started: I heard a buzzing in my ear that started very quietly but went through an aggressive crescendo to be really quite loud. This was not a noise that I recognised, but rather just white noise. As my ears suffered this assault I realised that I had grown another head. This head turned at exactly the same time as my ‘real’ head and I realised with disappointment that I couldn’t move it independently.

Then a fairly appeared. She was dressed in green and floated around the room. The green fairy was only in two dimensions I didn’t move at all. I tried to catch her from the floor but didn’t manage it. Fortunately I didn’t have any use of my legs so I couldn’t stand up and start trashing the place.

Things started to get a bit weird after that (I wasn’t surprised: Salvia does induce some pretty psychedelic effects) and I was floating around the room, my body (and both heads) extended beyond any rationality. Eventually this calmed and I returned to the floor, accompanied by my friend the fairy.

I came out of the trip a few minutes later, feeling like several hours had passed.

Like most of my Salvia trips this was quite a disturbing experience. It wasn’t ‘nice’ or ‘fun’ in any way but it is most definitely interesting. And I will remember that fairy!